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January 2021

"Breast Intentions took away so much stress and worry

about the financial setbacks of my cancer diagnosis"

- Olga

An Exciting New Podcast...

Since Breast Intentions was founded in 2007, our organization has reached out to the community through our healthcare organizations and professionals, via Pink Pact and Pink Lemonade Day, Middletown Day, and various other events.


Now, in the age of COVID, podcasts have helped reach people in their own homes, connecting with them on a more personal level in real time. In the next couple of months, Breast Intentions will be entering the podcast world in an effort to connect with a broader base of community members by discussing topics that are impacting their lives RIGHT NOW
Some topics we hope to discuss, with the help of medical professionals and workers on the front lines of breast cancer awareness, are: 

  • COVID-19 and Breast Health

  • Hospital Assistance

    • What kind of assistance are patients entitled to? (i.e., Nurse Navigator, Social Worker)

    • Where do patients find this information?

  • Doc Talk: Real time talk with physicians

    • That initial conversation can be numbing for both patients and family members. We hope to have physicians join us to answer questions for family members that are unable to attend appointments.  

  • Nurse Talk: Healthcare Heroes

    • Information about treatment and the breast cancer journey

Keep your eyes and ears out for our launch announcement!


Update: Breast Intentions Gala

Last year was a challenging year in so many ways for all of us. After the coronavirus began to spread throughout the US, we sadly had to cancel our 2020 Gala, originally slated for April 25, 2020.
Looking forward, we rescheduled the Gala for April 10, 2021. Now, it appears that that date may have been a little too optimistic
(we miss you all!) given the current climate.


We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and let you know when we are able to reschedule our gala. Rest assured, we are looking forward to the day we can hold this event, and toast to the resilience of us all!


While we were unable to hold many of our usual fundraisers,

there were some that were able to take place and were very successful! 


Once again, the Beacon Hill Ladies Golf Association held their golf tournament and

raised $12,050 for Breast Intentions. We are so grateful for all of the ladies at Beacon Hill!


Even though some of the ladies were affected by COVID-19, the Keyport Knights of Columbus was able to hold their annual fundraising event. They generously raised a total of $6,489 for Breast Intentions. They are amazing!


Our friend, Noreen, who chaired our "Clutch for Cups" fundraiser last year, was looking for something to do within COVID-19 restrictions.  Noreen and her husband, Dominick, hosted a socially-distanced backyard wine tasting party with One Hope Winery. Thanks to Noreen and her generous friends, she raised over $5,000 for Breast Intentions! We appreciate you all!

A Reason to (Amazon) Smile!

Don't forget, you can support us every time you shop online!

Breast Intentions is a member charity of Amazon Smile.


Whenever you shop on Amazon, remember to link through Amazon Smile at You can then select Breast Intentions as your charity of choice. A portion of your every purchase will be sent to Breast Intentions & you will directly be helping women and their families as they cope with a diagnosis.


Now THAT'S a win/win!


Our Breast Intentions...

Thank you for your generous support. 

Here are a couple of stories about people we have helped BECAUSE OF YOU:

SR has Triple Negative IIB cancer. She resigned from her job over concerns about COVID. At the same time, her mother was involved in a serious car accident. She takes care of her mother, who lives with her. In addition, she has two daughters, aged 15 and 19. The family’s only source of income now is her husband’s job, and they are struggling with feeding a family of 5. BECAUSE OF YOU, we provided SR and her family with gift cards for food and other necessities.

CK is 52 years old and was diagnosed in 2016 with Stage IV breast cancer with metastatic spread to her liver. She was widowed in 2019 and has a 19-year-old son. She has been homeless for a year and has been staying with friends and family because she is unable to find good housing in her price range. CK now has neuropathy and is on lifelong chemo to treat her cancer. She had fallen behind on her utility bills. BECAUSE OF YOU, Breast Intentions was able to pay off all her outstanding utility bills.

KD has stage III breast cancer and was undergoing radiation. She needed help with her phone, cable, and car bills, as she was laid off from her part-time job. BECAUSE OF YOU, we were able to pay two months of her car payments, and fully pay off her phone and cable bills.

SP is a 65-year-old with Stage IV breast cancer that metastasized to her lungs. She supports her two sons who suffer from mental illness. SP is on lifelong chemo, and her health insurance lapsed. She has had to use her savings to pay her bills. BECAUSE OF YOU, we were able to pay a month of rent and send her gift cards for groceries.

The women listed above are very grateful for an organization like ours.

What we know for sure is that we are making a difference – BECAUSE OF YOU.     


We are humbled by your generosity. 

Thank you for standing with us. 



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