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Breast Intentions: Spotlight On...

2019 Whitehall Elementary_edited_edited.

Teachers and Students, Making a Difference

161 Whitehall Road


New Jersey


For many years, the 366 students at Whitehall Elementary school have been supporting Breast Intentions with their October fundraisers! Led by Ms. Gina Dolores, Whitehall is a little elementary school K-4 in Monroe Township. Gina had been raising money for breast cancer awareness for 16 years. When a staff member's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Gina found out about Breast Intentions and how we help women in crisis. She started donating to Breast Intentions because she loved to see the donations go to local families who need a little extra help, rather than a large organization where you have no clue where your money actually went. The fundraisers involve both teacher and student donations. Whitehall even sells a student designed t-shirt that the staff and students are able to purchase in the beginning of October!

Whitehall and Breast Intentions have been partnered for at least five years now!

We are so grateful for the selfless work they do each year!


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